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Rossana Longo is an Ecuadorian/US citizen since 2013.  Upon arriving in the US in 1999, she quickly became active in volunteering for various organizations dedicated to helping underrepresented Latinos to learn and take advantage of the opportunities available to them in the US.  She also loves to teach her native language, Spanish, to people interested in learning more about Latino culture and in traveling to Latin America.

Rossana is the Director of Spanish Language Services at the Audio Information Network of Colorado.  There, she has developed a Spanish Language Network, La Red Auditiva de Información de Colorado (RAIC), which provides broadcasted news, cultural, sports and current events content over a private radio network for the bling, visually impaired, and print impaired population of Colorado.  As Director of RAIC since 2014, she has interviewed nearly one hundred community leaders to inform the Latino population of Colorado about opportunities available to them and their families.

Rossana is the mother of three young men, Martín (24), Daniel (18) and Andrés (16).

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