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Americas Latino Eco Festival Presents
In Collaboration with Lighthouse Writers Workshop & Write Denver

One of the main focuses of the Americas Latino EcoFestival is pollinators. Butterflies, birds, moths, bats, and bees are typically what comes to mind when thinking about pollination.

But what if we thought of the translation of words and ideas across languages as also being a pollinating act?


Could children, then, and writers, parents and artists, propagate poetry the same way bees cross-pollinate a field of roses by translating the words and sentences, thoughts and feelings, of other people?

Watch the video

Join us at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science where we’ll use our poetrees, interactive art sculptures provided by Write Denver, to find out!



Create bi- and trilingual poems and stories by either writing on a leaf, adding it to a poetree’s branch, or translating someone else’s words onto a different leaf.

Help us to anthologize a bio-diversity of language!

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