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Latina Environmental Giving Circle

Launched at ALEF2016  the Latina Environmental Giving Circle is a coalition of long-time Latina environmental leaders, writers, poets. academics, journalists, scientists, teachers, mothers, artists, and activists, coming together to pool their talent, financial contributions, and volunteer efforts in service of the environment.


The women of the Latina Environmental Giving Circle are joining efforts to respond to the urgent environmental challenges facing our planet by powering the next generation of Latina leadership. 

The circle was launched this past October in Denver at the 4th Americans Latino Eco-Festival. At the meeting the circle’s membership made a collective decision about the disbursement and distribution of the money. 

Giving Circles are a significant and growing segment of US philanthropy. They are sparking civic engagement and helping drive social change. The Latina Environmental Giving Circle in particular aims at:

  • Maximizing our giving power by doing it collectively;


  • Leveraging our resources for the benefit of our community and our girls were given that the US philanthropic giving rate for Latino/Latina causes is a minuscule 1.3%;


  • Providing a living example of the power of collective philanthropy particularly given the growing power of the Latino/Latina community;


  • Encouraging the creation of more Giving Circles for the environment.


The giving circle is partnering with Americas for Conservation + the Arts, an IRS approved non-profit who will act as an administrator.

Persons interested in joining, or for more information, please email  To support the Latina Environmental Giving Circle, please click the "Donate" button on the right.

Thank you!

The Latina Environmental Giving Circle’s Advisory Board:               


  • Vanessa Cardenas, Emily’s List

  • Vanessa Hauc, Sachamama

  • Adriana Quintero, NRDC Voces Verdes

  • Elianne Ramos, Speak Hispanic Communications

  • Maria Estrada, The Nature Conservancy

  • Irene Vilar, Americas for Conservation + the Arts

  • Toti Cadavid, U-Fulfilled

  • Mayra Urbano, Moneta Partners

  • Regina Romero, Center for Biological Diversity

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