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The Giving Tree: An International Artivist Expo

El Árbol Generoso: Exposición Internacional

de Artivismo Humorístico Gráfico

XIII Americas Latino Eco Festival

Denver, Colorado. April 2024


An international exhibition of graphic humor by exclusive invitation as part of the 13th Americas Latino Eco Festival, to be held in the city of Denver, Colorado, from October 22, 2023, to April 22, 2024.


There are several reasons that allow us to see trees as generous in their contribution to life on Earth. Although this generosity may be a poetic interpretation rather than a literal attribute of trees, it reflects how their presence and functions in ecosystems are essential for the balance and prosperity of life on our planet.


This benevolence is highly regarded, as the tree, and forests as a whole, provide us with oxygen, offer shelter to animals, birds, and insects, are an important source of food, improve the soil through the nutrients provided by their leaves and branches, contribute to the water cycle through the process of transpiration, mitigate climate change, beautify the environment, provide shade and coolness, and have cultural and spiritual value, as they are symbols of life, growth, and connection to nature across all cultures.


For these reasons, we consider it of utmost importance that we have decided to focus on this year's exhibition under the title "The Giving Tree / El Árbol Generoso."


For this event, a call has been made to around 70 of the most prestigious international cartoon artists to submit their works, with a maximum of two per person, and sized at 11 by 17 inches. These works will be sent to us via email to be printed after our prior preparation. Each participant will also receive a certificate of recognition and a digital catalog in PDF format, including images of the works and photographs from the opening of the exhibition hall.


We want to emphasize that the quality of the invited cartoonists will ensure a high-ranking exhibition. Signatures such as Ángel Boligán, Anne Derenne, Elena Ospina, Marilena Nardi, Ramsés, Ares, Seyran Caferli, Luc Descheemaker, Tjeerd Royaards, Oleg Gutsol, Darío Castillejos, Cristina Sampaio, Victor Bogorad, and Cau Gomez, among many others, are globally recognized artists whose work is regularly and successfully published in various global media outlets. Several of them have received distinctions for national culture in their home countries, have been continuously invited as jurors at international graphic humor events, have won awards and mentions at the most relevant graphic humor events worldwide, and maintain close collaboration with various contemporary issues that affect us as a society.

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