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ALEF is proud to present:


Nuestra Familia ALEF Awards honor extraordinary Latino work and achievements in environmental stewardship and preservation.


Our awards were launched at the 2nd ALEF in 2014 with the1st Nuestra Madre Award given to Dolores Huerta.

Nuestra Familia awards 2016 were:

Nuestra Madre Award: Maxima Acuna (Indigenous and Land Rights/Goldman Prize/Peru)

Nuestra Madre Award: Linda Sosa (Faith/Mexico-USA)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Esmeralda Santiago (Author/Puerto Rico)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Lorenzo Duran (Artist/Spain)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Juanes (Musician/Colombia)

Nuestra Hija Award: Berta Zuniga Caceres (Land Rights /Honduras)

Nuestro Hijo Award: Xiuhtezcatl (Climate Change/USA)

Nuestra Hermana Award: Crisanta Duran (Social Justice/USA)

Nuestro Padre Award: Daniel Escalante (Social Justice/USA, Mexico)

Nuestro Hermano Award: Rafael Salgado (Education/Mexico)

Nuestro Hermano Award: Draco Rosa (Human Rights/Puerto Rico)

Nuestro Padrino Award: Bernie Sanders (Social Justice/USA)

Nuestro Padrino Award: Doug Tompkins (Public Lands-Wilderness Rights/USA-Chile)

Nuestra Madrina Award: Kris Tompkins (Public Lands-Wilderness Rights/USA-Chile)

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