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ALEF is proud to present:


Nuestra Familia ALEF Awards honor extraordinary Latino work and achievements in environmental stewardship and preservation.


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Our awards were launched at the 2nd ALEF in 2014 with the1st Nuestra Madre Award given to Dolores Huerta.

Nuestra Familia awards 2016 were:

Nuestra Madre Award: Maxima Acuna (Indigenous and Land Rights/Goldman Prize/Peru)

Nuestra Madre Award: Linda Sosa (Faith/Mexico-USA)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Esmeralda Santiago (Author/Puerto Rico)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Lorenzo Duran (Artist/Spain)

Nuestra Cultura Award: Juanes (Musician/Colombia)

Nuestra Hija Award: Berta Zuniga Caceres (Land Rights /Honduras)

Nuestro Hijo Award: Xiuhtezcatl (Climate Change/USA)

Nuestra Hermana Award: Crisanta Duran (Social Justice/USA)

Nuestro Padre Award: Daniel Escalante (Social Justice/USA, Mexico)

Nuestro Hermano Award: Rafael Salgado (Education/Mexico)

Nuestro Hermano Award: Draco Rosa (Human Rights/Puerto Rico)

Nuestro Padrino Award: Bernie Sanders (Social Justice/USA)

Nuestro Padrino Award: Doug Tompkins (Public Lands-Wilderness Rights/USA-Chile)

Nuestra Madrina Award: Kris Tompkins (Public Lands-Wilderness Rights/USA-Chile)

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