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Arturo Garcia is a full time artist and writer/editor. His love for color give his style a unique perspective on both the subject and his media of preference which is applying oil color on canvas with palette knives leaving as result an exciting combination of abstract within the figure. His paintings are in different galleries in the Denver area as well as in Mexico. His style is classified by art scholars as Modern Fauvist Representational Art (figurativismo Fauvista moderno), although the artist, being self-taught, prefers to keep it down to just modern art.

About his style:
His love for animals and nature has given the artist a subject to create upon; among his collections, he has a series of paintings on Colorado Wildlife and another one on Africa, but he finds most fun painting portraits, capturing through he eyes, the core of the human soul.

“I love painting people’s portraits. Something happens to their soul when I put color in their faces (masks). Lately, I

have been working on the Colorado Wildlife as I love my newly adopted state, its peace, its people and among all beauty, the immaculate wildlife.


Thank you for taking a peek into my world of color and figure. To get a glimpse of what I see and the way I perceive it.


You can see more of my work at ...”

Follow Arturo and his increasing creations on Facebook here: Follow Arturo

Featured collections for ALEF 2016

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