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Paul Cawood Hellmund

Understanding and incorporating sustainability into land-use decision making is a driving interest of educator Paul Cawood Hellmund, as is exploring the role of project- and placed-based experiential learning for sustainability in higher education, a topic he is pursuing as a SoGES Visiting Fellow. For the last ten years he was president of the Conway School and director of its graduate program in sustainable landscape planning and design, through which he worked with graduate students on a very wide range of sustainability topics, including climate adaptation, nature conservation, food/water security, and green infrastructure planning.


A Harvard-educated landscape architect and planner, with a bachelor of science degree from Colorado State, Paul was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. He is the founder and president of Hellmund Associates, which aids communities with conservation and other land use planning. He has more than thirty years of professional experience, with expertise in the reuse of contaminated lands, such as at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Rocky Flats, and Stapleton International Airport.  Paul has published two books, with Daniel S. Smith, that emphasize ecological integration in land use planning: Ecology of Greenways (1993) and Designing Greenways (2006). In addition to Conway, Paul has served as faculty member at Colorado State, Virginia Tech, and Harvard University.

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