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Meg White

Meg White works as a flow scientist and ecologist with The Nature Conservancy in Colorado and for the entire Colorado River Basin. In her role at The Conservancy, Meg develops frameworks and tools that assess environmental metrics to quantify environmental flows and prioritize conservation outcomes.  In her work, she also uses science to analyze policy conditions and identify innovative solutions to protect freshwater resources for people and nature.


Meg has been involved with water science and policy work focused on freshwater ecosystems for over 15 years. She earned a B.A. in Political Science and German (emphasis in urban and environmental planning) from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Environmental Science and Planning from the University of California Berkeley, and a PhD in Biology from Arizona State University. Meg’s expertise is innately interdisciplinary, situated at the intersection of riparian ecology, urban ecology, landscape ecology, hydrology, and environmental policy. Her work investigates the influence of urban water resources, green infrastructure, and water reuse on rivers and riparian ecosystems in the western United States.

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