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Matías Paradela

Art Director, Illustrator and painter. Bachelor of Fine Arts School in La Plata city, Argentina. Between 2009 thru 2013 he development his arts studies in different areas such as: Architecture, Film and Industral Design, in UNLP, Argentina. He studied sculpture, blacksmith and art resortation in courses in Teatro Argentino La Plata City, Argentina.
His first exhibition as a painter was called POGO in La Paz at BLANCO contemporary art’s gallery of the artist Keiko Gonzalez in the year 2015.

In 2016 he directed the third Taller Latinoamericano de Stop Motion with  Francesca Maxwell (Art Director of Wes Anderson’s film “Fantastic Mr.Fox”, “Coraline” among other stop-motion films) in charge of the art workshop section with 80 participants from all over Latin America.

Currently working as art director in CELESTE studios. Made the short film DUBICEL with recycling art. Former art director of films such as DIAMANTE by Yashira Jordan and METE MIEDO by Hernan Moyano.

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