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Gabe Vasquez

An avid outdoorsman who grew up fishing the waters of the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico, Gabe has a passion for increasing diversity within New Mexico’s public lands. With strong family roots in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Gabe has spent his career working in the Mesilla Valley and Washington, D.C.

A graduate of New Mexico State University, he has worked as a newspaper editor, non-profit director, public relations consultant, federal advocate, and most recently as a field representative for U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich. Gabe has a wide range of experience working in underrepresented communities in Southwest New Mexico and throughout border communities across the state. As a citizen advocate, Gabe lobbied the administration for the creation of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, and as a member of Senator Heinrich’s staff, helped pave the path to its creation.


Gabe grew up fishing the Rio Grande corridor from El Paso, Texas, to Elephant Butte, New Mexico, with his father and brother, developing a strong sense of conservation, a passion for issues important to sportsmen, and an appreciation and tie to the cultural origins and beauty of the land in Southern New Mexico. Gabe also serves as a volunteer coordinator for Latino Outdoors, a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the opportunities for low-income Hispanic communities to access public lands and enjoy outdoors experiences. Gabe covers the southern part of the state for the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and lives in Las Cruces.

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