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Rocio De Prado was born and raised in México City, she is an accomplished financial planner, logistics coordinator, budget manager and suppliers/vendor relations specialist. She has a high level of expertise and extensive experience in organizing and planning special events, seminars, and conventions for business teams, weddings, and celebrations at large scale. Her degree in Hospitality Administration became the seed for her first company, a sole proprietorship offering multiple integrated services for companies in the field of tourism. She has worked as the General Director of the Mexican Franchise Association; with experience in Educational Programs, as the Academic Coordinator for the Master’s degree in Franchises at Anahuac University, getting the knowledge to design operating manuals/protocols and developed strategies to improve efficiency and standards of excellence, within the organizations and companies. She's been also one of the top corporates as the Caribbean General Director for Grupo Piñero, a multinational hospitality company and hotel chain with locations in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Rocio is also a professional photographer advocate in supporting the education, the culture, and the arts by showing the different faces of the Community and the beautiful Nature around us.


Rocio brings to AFC+A her particular and professional vision, focusing on creating order and logistics. Constantly seeking to support the abilities of fellow team members, and a constant effort to try and bring out the best in people who are committed to achieving common goals. She is committed to searching and implementing the most efficient processes, for better practices and results for AFC+A. Sharing her values with a teamwork that has no imposed hierarchy, and where people work together to achieve the highest goals for the benefit of the organization, the community, and the environment.

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