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Franklin Cruz

Franklin Cruz, Youth Outreach and Conservation Intern, is a queer Latinx poet born in Idaho, raised in Texas and polished in Denver. A biologist by study, dancer and community leader, Franklin works to connect people to their immediate environment through the language of nature and natural movement. If not working in art or nature Franklin can be found collaborating with many artists or teaching in schools.

Franklin's art reflects a deep cultural awareness and familial bond that translates into all his works. After being deeply inspired by his parents' immigration history, struggle and triumphs he works hard to honor these sacrifices and a first generation child. His struggle with his sexual orientation in his early years caused strife within him and poetry was the best outlet. 

Now Franklin's work aims to get people to reconnect with themselves, nature or the larger global community. He hopes that people are moved from his performances or workshop and re-evaluate how they relate to their immediate environment. Franklin is always available for hugs, advice or just a general good chat and hope you have a good day.


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