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Debbie Scheer

Debbie Scheer is a humorist, emcee, benefits auctioneer and professional speaker who resides in Denver Colorado with her two young boys. Her perspective on life, thus her comedy, has an element that will get a laugh from anybody. Her comedic timing is naturally clever, while the punchlines show off her kind but provocative nature. She is dedicated to her laugh-craft and it shows on stage. Debbie brings to her comedy an authentic and vulnerable space as she shines the brightest of lights on the topics that we may feel shy talking about. She approaches topics such as sexuality, adoption, single parenthood with such raw vulnerability and this in turn creates an inclusive space for her audience to let down their guard and view the topics through a different lens. Debbie passionately believes combining humor with education is the only way to approach these oftentimes hilarious topics.

When Debbie senses a need within the community she goes into action to create a forum to address the unmet need. This is the case with her creation of SexCom The show. Debbie created SexCom The Show because she recognized that adults did not have a fun and safe space to learn about sexuality. SexCom The Show is an open, real and funny forum about SEX in which the audience’s anonymous questions about sexuality fuel the show. SexCom The Show is the perfect blend of adult sex education and comedy. Debbie is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to honest information and she knows first hand that learning while laughing is the best way to educate. She is also the co-creator and co-host of a new show, Broadsided: An Estrogen Fueled Comedy Show. This show empowers and educates women on topics relevant to their lives. Broadsided debuted in February 2016 and has been selling out crowds ever since. Debbie’s newest creation is a one woman story telling show called, Tracksuit Chronicles: Stories for the Long Haul. Tracksuit Chronicles covers topics such as adoption, parenting, love and loss, mental health and GLBTQ issues. Join Debbie on May 24, 2017 for the debut of her show.

As an emcee, Debbie brings a rare gift of effortlessly connecting people with causes. A successful emcee, Debbie combines both skill and personality to keep the schedule moving seamlessly and the crowd engaged for the duration. When she is emceeing a fundraiser she is passionate in her appeal and beautifully finds the thread that ties an entire audience together. She empowers the audience to make a commitment to the cause and it shows in the donations received. Debbie has performed at such places as, Comedy Works South, The Improv Comedy Club in Tempe, AZ, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Lannie’s Clocktower, Blush and Blue, Crossroads Theater, Colorado Pride Festival and many other fantastic places.

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