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Program and details

On our AFC+A's 15th anniversary we will host the 13th edition of  ALEF, The Giving Tree: Advancing Equal Access to the Health, Climate, and Economic Benefits of Trees". The gathering will kick off on October 22nd with our 1st LUNA (Latino Ultra Nature Adventure) followed by four weeks of community tree planting workshops and tree plantings culminating with the Tree Equity Summit and Family Day April 11,-13, 2024 at the Stockyards Event Center and closing with our signature annual Xmas Tree Cutting on 12/10. 

This year's theme is anchored in our five year partnership with the City of Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resilience (CASR) and their Community Tree Planting Initiative as well as on our Investing in America recently awarded IRA funding for Urban Tree Canopy efforts . For the next five years AFC+A will be planting trees in private households, businesses, and schools with the goal to increase the tree canopy in neighborhoods which are suffering from tree inequity and where communities are facing a disproportionate burden of heat island effect. 


The Giving Tree: Advancing Equal Access to the Health, Climate, and Economic Benefits of Trees
October 22, 2023-April 22, 2024


10/22/23 1st Latino Ultra Nature Adventure (LUNA) FESTIVAL KICK OFF

A culturally relevant and equity driven new kind of Ultra powering the physical and mental health that comes from the mix of athletics, nature, and forest bathing. 

LUNA promotes human-nature connections and self realization through running and ultra hiking for communities historically excluded from outdoor recreation spaces.

10/28 Community Tree Plantings (City of Aurora)

11/14 Community Tree Planting Workshop I

12/02 Forest Bathing Adventure Fest @ColoradoLaBella Public Lands & Parks

12/5 Community Tree Planting Workshop II

12/10 8th Xmas Tree Cutting Caravan. 

Families cut a tree, receive an Every Kid in The Park Pass, and learn about forest management, fire mitigation, and the health benefits of forest bathing


1/20/23 Forest Bathing Adventure Fest @ColoradoLaBella Public Lands & Parks

2/17 Forest Bathing Adventure Fest @ColoradoLaBella Public Lands & Parks

3/16 Forest Bathing Adventure Fest @ColoradoLaBella Public Lands & Parks

4/11 Tree Equity Summit

4/12 Tree Equity Workshop & Trainings

4/13 The Giving Tree Family Day: Artivist Exhibits & Workshops, Performances, Eco Shorts Forum, Green Exhibitors & Vendors Hall, Eco book fair, Storytelling 

4/20 Community Tree Plantings (City of Denver)

Thursday 4/11 @ CSU SPUR HYDRO • Confluence Theater            Tree Equity Summit & Workshop

w/ Award winning urbanist Gil Penalosa


Monday 4/22 @ MCA DENVER HOLIDAY THEATER                    2644 W 32nd Ave. Highlands

The Giving Tree Community Earth Day

Artivist Exhibits, Eco Shorts, Storytelling, Book Fair, Tiny Tots Inside The Orchestra.

Cuban Roots Master Workshop          


Festival Closure Concert (7:30 $25)

La Dame Blanche

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