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Rodolfo Salinas

Rodolfo Salinas MsC. is CEO and founder of Natoure. He was born in La Paz, Bolivia but lives in Mexico since 7 years ago. Enthusiastically creative and dreamy since his childhood, in 2006 he graduated as an Industrial Engineer. He specialized in project engineering design, project management and also strategic planning. Later he obtained a Masters Degree in Project Direction and became internationally certified in the field. At the same time he also holds a Masters Degree of Science in Sustainable Development.


After 10 years of international experience of directing big budget challenging projects in Technology, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Banking and Oil & Gas, he decided to give his life a 180 degree turn, and fully dedicate himself to the purpose of his life. His passion made him create He did this with Alejandra Rios, who shared the same passion with Rodolfo. 


Natoure is a disruptive technology platform that aims to promote social inclusion and conserve biodiversity through sustainable tourism. The vision is to show the beauty of nature through enriching experiences of others with the ultimate goal of achieving real conservation in natural protected areas. Since, How can you love something you don´t know? and How can you protect something you don´t love?.

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