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Red Feather Woman

Internationally known, and award winning recording artist, Rose Red Elk also known as Wieka Luta Win, Red Feather Woman, is a Native American storyteller, singer, songwriter and author.  Born on the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana is an enrolled member of the Sioux/Assiniboine Tribes. Rose has captivated audiences for more than 20+

years, singing and telling traditional stories to children and adults, through out the United States and abroad.


Red Feather Woman shares her ancestral stories as told to her by her father and grandfather. Some songs have been gifted to her through dreams while others are inspired by life experiences.  Red Feather Woman has performed for thousands and has been labeled Master Storyteller. She gives hope for our planet and for future generations.  Her most important duty is preserving the rich heritage of her ancestors- through her art form, which sets the tone for continuation of an ancient oral storytelling tradition.


Rose continues to make her mark in the industry as a unique blend of the old with the new, as she weaves the oral tradition of Native American stories that is themed by her original contemporary songs. Her latest work is a music video “Keepers of the Earth”-produced by CPT12-PBS and co produced by Rose Red Elk. Now viewed on and


Red Feather Woman’s release of her new CD "Keepers of The Dreams" won 2014 Best Folk Recording at the Native American Music Awards,produced by three-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger (Boulder, CO) She entertains as well as teaches all audiences, the importance of our Mother Earth, and to reflect on each individual's culture.   A truly gifted Storyteller will leave you spell bound.

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