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Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish

As a project instigator, artivist, multi-ethnic writer, facilitator, student and teacher of permaculture and ecological design, Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish has long been passionate and active in sustainability, social equity, and cultural imagination.

She is the Energy & Climate Justice Manager at the University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Center, illuminating the connections between climate, sustainability, and justice. She manages a variety of projects, including an “Eco-Social Justice Leadership Program,” and “FLOWS,” partnering students and low-income community members for innovative green job trainings and energy and water conservation projects in affordable housing.

She is the founder of Candelas Glows/Rocky Flats Glows raising awareness about the radioactive dangers of Rocky Flats in Colorado and fighting to protect the health of everyone in the area.

Michelle is a former US State Department BoldFood fellow (Uganda) and a former Center for Progressive Leadership fellow working on sustainable and equitable food systems. Most importantly, she is a wife, and mother of three.

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