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Dr. Jordan Kueneman is the Science Education Director for both ALEF and the mother organization AFC+A. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Africa and his field work in the US, Brazil, and Peru connects ALEF's mission with citizen science, discovery, and conservation

Jordan is a post-doctoral research associate, graduate from the University of Colorado, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He studies the function of amphibian skin-associated microbial communities in host health and defense against environmental pathogens. Currently, her is working on several research projects including biogeography of amphibian microbial associations, the evolution of microbial communities in larval host defenses, and how to manipulate microbial communities to enhance conservation projects. Jordan integrates ecology, microbiology, immunology and genomics to help develop my research questions in these study systems. His scientific manuscripts are published in high-ranking ecological journals including Molecular Ecology and the International Society of Microbial Ecology, Trends in Microbiology, Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics, Frontiers in Microbiology, and the Journal of Applied Ecology.


On a more personal note, Jordan seeks out diversity in an effort to enrich life. Using his passion for biology as a catalyst, he has participated in biological projects on several continents, working closely with researchers and local interests. Born in Brazil, and raised primarily in the US and Italy by an international family, he has benefited from developing a broad perspective and has synthesized ideas and principals from people with diverse backgrounds. His unique upbringing and enthusiasm to learn languages has allowed him in a very short period to begin multiple international collaborations with German, Brazilian, and Peruvian scientists. His research projects have engaged governmental agencies such as Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility. Jordan is also working with the Denver Zoo on issues regarding animal husbandry and conservation abroad.


 As Science and Education Director for the Americas for Conservation and the Arts he partners with expanding and forward thinking NGO’s and governmental agencies to enhance their reach and actualize their initiatives leveraging Latino advocates to inspire stewardship of our natural resources. He brings scientific expertise to integrate scientific leaders and partners into our NGOs mission to become a leading voice for conservation uniting diverse cultures in the USA and abroad.

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